Sou. Shailaja Shinde Arts, Commerce & Science Junior College, Pedhambe


11th & 12th

Sou. Shailaja Shinde Arts, Commerce & Science Junior College Pedhambe | 11th & 12th

Secondary school studies involve a deeper understanding of the basic subjects, greater discipline, a healthy study discipline balanced by a fair share of extra-curricular activities and, above all, an overall development of the student’s character. By the time the students give their board exams and pass out of the institution, they are not only enriched with a knowledge-base for further studies, but above all, a value-base strong enough to enable them to take on the world. Not to mention, the fond memories of their school, which they will cherish all their life.


Junior College (11th – 12th)

  • Eligibility : 10th Pass
  • Fees for Arts : Rs. 2500
  • Fees for Commerce : Rs. 2500
  • Fees for Science: Rs. 3500

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Dr. Ranjane Dayanand S.

Principal (M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D)

Mrs. Bhosale Swapna S.

Assistant Professor Zoology

Mrs. Jadhav Karishma

Assistant Professor S.P & O.C

Mr. Khedekar Ajit D.

Assistant Professor History

Mrs. Kadav Sonali S.

Assistant Professor Account & Book Keeping

Mrs. Khumbharlikar T. F.

Assistant Professor English

Mr.Kadam Sanket P.

Assistant Professor Marathi

Mr. Onkar Atul Kolekar


Mr. Sachin Rajeshirke